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Howdy Steph, Jim & Chris. No cute emotocons for you guys here.
A place to blog! I've been jonesing for this since AAP crashed. I feel like Yukon Cornelius, only better. YA-HOOO!
Hiya, Mondo!

Now I can post comments without filling ProducerChris's inbox with my endless barrage of e-mails. I'm not very good at having unexpressed thoughts...
"Smuggling raisins" -- LOL
Repubs are courting Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough to run? Yeesh.
Re: the baby's "binky," I had an elderly great-aunt who referred to a pacifier as a "sugar-tit." :-O
Steph, Jim, and Chris-- "Guilt By Geography" is one of your best phrases ever. MMMMMmmm, now that's good satire!

Also, note that Vacaville isn't far from... NAPA! Or... CALISTOGA, with their SPAS!
[tap, tap, tap] This thing on?
A Texas gun nut/gun enthusiast? Like Chuck Heston?

"A planet where gun enthusiasts evolved from MEN?"
Simmah dahn now, MGM! Save your energy for your dancing!
Right now, Mondo, I feel like I'm dancing with myself (to quote the "great" Billy Idol). :-(
Mondo-- Re: top o' the hour Lederhosen Dancing, in my music files I uncovered a shameful 80s novelty song: "(Bring Me) Edelweiss" by Edelweiss. Maybe the Fly Girls and I will dance to that instead of Wild Thing today.

"So if you really love me, you should bring me [static] Stephanie Miller! [static]" [yodeling]
Billy Idol great??? Huh?
LOL note the ironic quotation marks around "great," in reference to Mr Idol. Though I do have to admit that I like "White Wedding."
My bad, MGM...

BTW I emailed Tri. When SSG gets back from her meeting, I will tell her. Now if I could find everybody else.
Re: contacting the rest of the StephBrigade-- well done, good and faithful Mondo! :clap:
Argggggh! We be needed the entire crew of the Queen Stephanie's Revenge.
From Natey:Aide: "Mr. President, there are peasants, er liberals at the ranch gates. They're gatrhering more 'n more! They're crying out, begging for mere crumbbs, simple answers."
W: Uh, er, uh eh ... Let them eat Yellow Cake!!!!!"
Rightwing jerkface...head hurting...
That last jerk was incredible. "I feel for Cindy, but she's a brat. And war based on lies isn't worth inconveniencing the president. And losing a family member in war is really no more serious than high gas prices."

What an assmunch.
"...since Bush slipped Bolton through the UN's back door..."

From what I've heard about Swingin' John Bolton in the 70s, he *enjoys* going the back door route.

[sam kinison scream]
Nice "Tainted Love" bumper. Always a good choice.
Uh-oh. Top o' the hour Wild Thing.
[dons lederhosen, begins dancing]
MGM since you weren't around at 9 I donned the lederhosen. I accidently kneed mAnn in the crotch too! LOL
Dance Blog Monkey! DANCE ::tosses spare change at the Fly Girls::
Ohhhh Jimmy you scamp! Catherine the Great reference!
Whew! Mondo, my lederhosen are stuffed with dollar bills.

Speaking of the Madonna bit in Tinsel Talk, is Madonna's estate also a "ranch," just like Bush's? Madonna at least rides a horsie, which is more like a real cowboy than Dubya.
"Ali Burton and the 40 Thieves"?

Well, better than Ali Sheedy and the 40 Thieves!
A newcomer named Prince, who had already released "Controversy," "I Wanna Be Your Lover," etc.? Sheesh. Good research, John Roberts.
Re: Olympia Snowe as a "key moderate member of the Senate"-- how long do Snowe & Co. get to vote for every batsh*t insane republican bill before they shed the "moderate" label? If they're constantly voting with the neocons, how are they "moderate"? Ah, that librul media at work again!
Stuffed with dollar bills? Thin crowd in here. Except those mAnn fans!
"It's a mAnn, baby!"
Early lunch for me today! See you later, maybe.
Current right-wing caller boy doesn't think the current war is going right.... but he blames Clinton.


Just can't quite divorce himself from his party. Party before country! Even though he disagrees with what his party is doing.
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Steph--you DA BOMB!!! Thanks for presenting such horrific information in such a hilarious way--god knows, we all sure need a laff to make it through these days of infamy....
Keep fighting the good fight and thanks again for all you do for AMERICA!!!!
Hi Stephanie:
You are doing an incredible job, you are sorely needed to get the social justice word out to America. By the by, I was the photographer at the Flag Day celebration at the Orange County Fair a few months back.

I've got Col. George Giacoppe's Blog up and running. It will be a team member effort. We hope to add four more members all from this area and also members of the Hubert H. Humphrey Club. You will be speaking to the club members on October the 27th.

See: Splinters.

Oh yes I put your Blog and Show link in the Splinters Blog-roll as well.

See you in a few weeks in Cerritos, Calif.

Hey Steph,
Glad you made it alright out of Columbus this last May. That was quite a white knuckler you and Jim had on your way in that Thursday night. I feel bad because I was snug and cozy in the living room with my faithful dog laying by the fireplace. Quelle dommage!
Anyway, I'm with the Free Press people and I thought I'd say hello. Hope you enjoyed my book of dog stories on the flight out. It had to be better than the flight in. LOL.
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To Stephanie:

I think you should get a cat! My wonderful cat is so good at mousing and she kills the mice quickly.

Do not get a male cat. My male cat tortures the poor things.

Esp do not get a male cat with artificial stints and parts! He will REALLY torture the mice to death.

Be well sweetie- you make me smile. :)
Here is a little quote that can be used on your show:

From "Star Trek The Original Series Season Three"

Check out the episode, "And the Children Shall Lead". Exactly 25:00 min into the show Spock says, "Evil shall work by suppressing the truth, and misleading the innocent."
Here is a little quote that can be used on your show:

From "Star Trek The Original Series Season Three"

Check out the episode, "And the Children Shall Lead". Exactly 25:00 min into the show Spock says, "Evil shall work by suppressing the truth, and misleading the innocent."

I will here be reporting yet another alarming abuse of federal powers. I have high tech types assigned to monitor my computer activates 24 X 7. I have violated no laws. I had set out to expose a major corporate - government fraud. The agents assigned to me are seriously character disordered. They like to flaunt their lack of regard for any citizens rights. Some of them much like to make their presence known by patterns of disrupting, blocking and general harassment. They appear to be of a criminal ilk. I am of the belief that our FBI is regularly offered as an option to prison to those convicted of some freelance high tech crimes.

The folks of which I am speaking have been with me for some years now. Their are limitations as to what can be done by them and that will be evident if I am able to get this particular message out.

You will not be able to do anything on my behalf. You will probably not even be able to acknowledge my message. Such is the state of our free nation today. Your office will, however be aware of the message. I have no idea of how prevalent these abuses are. Perhaps you have a better grasp of that.
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Stephanie, Jim & Chris -

Love your show today commenting on Gore's speech especially because I'm almost certain I'm a victim of warrentless domestic spying.

My dad's Christmas present to me took two weeks to get to my home in Maryland from his in Ohio. When it finally arrived it was stamped in red - "Media matter subject to investigation." Also two of my Quaker (American Friends Service Committee) Fall newsletters just arrived (it's January) and were already opened. Both had the word "Peace" in the headlines.

We found out through the Freedom of Information Act that my family was spied on in the 60's because my parents were involved in civil rights activites -- mainly Fair Housing. Thank you for mentioning how the Nixon administration spied on Dr. Martin Luther King.

Jim's impression of Gore trying to screech is hilarious!

RE: Adele Fergusen
Adele Fergusen is an idiot. Please do not think that she reflects Kitsap county. She has been an off-the-scale local political commentator/editorialist for about 96 years. She lives in her own little fort protected from the little people. The only blacks she has seen are the Jeffersons. There is, however, a road here named after her but I think it goes to the dump.
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We beat Sensenbrenner to the punch!

Marshfield Wisconsin is holding Dairyfest this weekend which includes our own Cheese Chase which is a 5k and 10K run/walk through Wildwood Park and zoo.

We all know the truth as to why bush went to iraq, so he could show the family's of the 26 soldiers killed this month "so far" that he cares during an election year and fly the dead soldiers home on his private jet.
You know what? Stephanie Miller is

Support NetNeutrality.

Please come to Alaska, you are so hot! I can't wait to meet you.
Hey Steph!

I listen to you via streaming from Madison, Wisconsin, 92.1 THE MIC...if they take you off, I'll find anther stream...

However...regarding BATS!

When we lived in a historic (old) house in Northern Wisconsin, my wife called me at work to ask me to help get rid of a bat she had found on the floor while making our bed...I hurried home and found that she had "contained" the bat. How? By placing a plastic wastepaper basket over it, and, just to make sure it didn't escape, she place a book on top of it.....A BIBLE! roflmao....

The best anti-bat tool is a badmitten racket (aka bat-hitten-racket)...they can't see the mesh. After 10 years in that historic (old) house, I'm the world champion bat-hitten-racketeer.

Enough of this stuff. This conservative thinks Steph is a babe. Forget radio, belongs on TV.
Enough of this stuff. This conservative thinks Steph is a babe. Forget radio, she belongs on TV.
How do I find Stephanie Miller again?

Our local station has become non-existent.

Please help.
I'm having a problem. My friends and I were having a Peter Lorre love-fest, and I wanted to share the joy that is Jim Ward's creepy Peter Lorre/Gary Bauer impression. THE INTERNET FAILED ME! Nowhere was I able to find the audio. I realize that if I had been subscribing to the Stephcast for a long time I might still have my own copies and I could laboriously find them and skip around to the right point, but that would take forever and remove the joy. Ideally, I want to be able to google Jim Ward and Gary Bauer and immediately find video or audio that will enchant my friends. Stephanie Miller Show and fans, I turn to you with this plea: make it easy to share the love.
Next time the Republicans say the public option costs to much say. " I agree with you! Let's start cutting costs RIGHT NOW by ending the 2 wars we are paying for!" That will shut them up!
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