Friday, May 27, 2005


A Reputation in Tatters

George W. Bush and his gang of neocon warmongers have destroyed America’s reputation. It is likely to stay destroyed, because at this point the only way to restore America’s reputation would be to impeach and convict President Bush for intentionally deceiving Congress and the American people in order to start a war of aggression against a country that posed no threat to the United States.

America can redeem itself only by holding Bush accountable.

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Where's Chaney in all this chonic mess? Is he behind the scenes stiring it or hiding in the 'safe house' thinking this is the start of end of the world?

Also, why isn't anyone talking about what shutting down the Mississippi River is doing and going to do to our economy? Why isn't the news telling people how important that river is to our country? I agree with Air America's Host on Saturday, this is worst than 911. All the most "GODAWFUL" things that can happen to this country have happened since the religious right took control of our counrty.

LET'S TAKE IT BACK! Call for all their resignations and if they don't by the end of this month, IMPEACH them all!
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