Thursday, May 12, 2005


The Final Insult

Hell hath no fury like a scammer foiled. The card shark caught marking the deck, the auto dealer caught resetting a used car's odometer, is rarely contrite. On the contrary, they're usually angry, and they lash out at their intended marks, crying hypocrisy.

And so it is with those who would privatize Social Security. They didn't get away with scare tactics, or claims to offer something for nothing. Now they're accusing their opponents of coddling the rich and not caring about the poor.

Well, why not? It's no more outrageous than other arguments they've tried. Remember the claim that Social Security is bad for black people?

Before I take on this final insult to our intelligence, let me deal with a fundamental misconception: the idea that President Bush's plan would somehow protect future Social Security benefits.

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DC, we have a problem.


Hey Stephanie:

It's NOT the internet stream!!!

The feed from wwrc_am to the service provider below, has audio wicked breaking up.

It started at the beginning of the Hannity bit after the O'Reilly thrashing about Finley was completely unintelligible.

Cogent Communications
1015 31st Street, NW
Washington DC


Cogent Communications
TechPhone: +1-877-875-4311


505 Market Street
Knoxville TN 37902

Thanks for the link to NY Times and Paul Krugman article.

Although this is a little off the topic, John Bolton is a perfect representative for the Bush 'GOP crime family'. Your long shot favorite, George Voinovich, to block John Bolton's nomination may have heard that a no vote would be financial retribution for the people of Ohio. Only a saint could vote no with several thousand jobs in the balance. Even George of christian mythology might have spared the dragon, if Carl Rove was pulling the purse strings on his village.
When Clinton suggested this same sort of thing, the SAME Republicans in both houses of congress started screaming bloody murder. Raise the cap. Adjust the rate by a couple of points, and you have FIXED the problem for a lot longer than medicare, medicaid, or the Defense Department will be "fixed."

They clearly do not care about the poor or about the deficit, or they would not instigate and preserve their insane tax cuts for the upper 0.5% -- no one has ever cut taxes during a war (excuse me, this is a "police action" since we again bypassed Congress and never bothered to actually vote on declaring war).

We have gone from being the greatest nation on earth to the greatest DEBTOR on Earth. That is nuts -- the Chinese and the Saudis hold 'way too much of our paper. This administration is dangerous to our economy, our future among the nations of the world (Bolton: ideal for starting an international incident with North Korea, and won't he just - he's had them in his sights for years. Heck, he apparently got NSA to spy on Colin Powell over N Korea, which is impressive given their very specific directives), and our very fundamental rights as a democratic society. Don't bother telling them this, however, they are the "actors of history," and they are NOT listening to the rest of us (they have hired other people to do that for them, but not for content, just for "tone").

Stephanie, it's great that you are on, now. It's also great that we have so many women "talking heads" who are so much better looking than Ann Coulter. And, er, YOU don't come with staatzpolizei to arrest anyone who looks at you funny, right? Another plus for our side.
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