Thursday, April 21, 2005


Progressive Christians

Believe it or not, you're not alone! Here's an excellent link to a Blog run by Progressive Christians!
Peace and justice for all, including papa. References to papa in your talk show as Bene may confuse Santa Claus with the grinch. Do I underestimate the influence of the pope? I pray that he is not in league with fundamentalist christians. Based on experience in listening to your talk show, the conspiracy theories do have a basis in reality. I hope not.

Rod Parsley invited Ann Coulter to speak in Columbus. She was quoted in the paper as saying 'the seperation of church and state is a lie'. She called for political activism from fundamentalist christians.

Progressives might force the issue and petition papa Benedict XVI for a papal bull against the military occupation of Iraq. He would allow a grace period for withdrawal before excomunicating all Catholics participating in the bloodshed. I would sign the petition.

Peace and justice begins in the home.
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