Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Mystery of the Democrats' New Spine

Across the nation’s capital, perplexed political pundits have been rubbing their chins wondering what has happened to the Democrats, who were supposed to quiver in fear of the victorious George W. Bush and his Republican congressional majority. Instead, the minority party has been picking – and even winning – some fights.

The Washington Post put the mystery on Page One with the headline, “Unexpectedly, Capitol Hill Democrats Stand Firm.” [April 25, 2005]

The Post story said, “Democrats were supposed to enter the 109th Congress meek and cowed, demoralized by November’s election losses and ready to cut deals with Republicans who threatened further campaigns against ‘obstructionists.’ But House and Senate Democrats have turned that conventional wisdom on its head.”

The mystery is, how did this happen? How did the Democrats find their voice and gain the upper hand over Bush on a number of issues: Social Security, his right-wing judicial appointments, the Terri Schiavo case, Tom DeLay’s ethics mess and the John Bolton nomination? What has caused the Democrats to grow a new spine?

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Regarding finding one's spine...I saw Jon Stewart perform in Columbus this evening, and he had a great point; about how moderates "have shit to do" and don't get involved, but when the radicals push us far enough, we moderates will eventually wake up and *find* the time.

Or words to that effect. He said it better.
I would say that this issue is similar to the fact that historically Democratic Senators and Congressman have been the ones who actually WENT to war instead of pussing out and sending others in thier place. Kerry (Both John and Bob) John F Kennedy, and numerous others served thier country on the battlefield while "Momma's Boys" like Bush, DeLay, McConnell, and Cheney used thier rich family connections to get out of fighting for thier country.

Once people uunderstand this, it isn't so hard to see wht Democrats historically have been so much tougher and less willing to back down then thier Republican "Chickenhawk" counterparts.
I enjoyed Robert Parry's book 'Secrecy and Priviledge' ordered from CONSORTIUMNEWS.COM from this link..
Also thank you for holding court in Columbus last Friday on the 2004 election fraud. I can attest to the testimony and the content of several affidavids in Bob Fritakis's book on many counts. The thunderstorms on arrival in Columbus may have been a dramatic premonition of the 'fun' in the audience. It was suprising that someone did not offer the strange topic of the $50 million dollar investment of rare coins that a Republican county chair is holding as a BWC investment.
If people could have been in the audience in Columbus to hear Fritakis speak and witness the reaction/emotion he pulled out of the room they would know that Libs have a spine. The grassroot efforts will bring things around - the energy in that room gave me hope.
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