Sunday, March 06, 2005


W Showin' Some Love

Is W Hugging Gannon/Guckert? You be the judge! Posted by Hello
Unbelievable, I feel for w and his Faustian bargain. Air America reported that Gannon was given a daily press pass under an assumed name for 2 years. Meanwhile, all senators to battle stations to protect our jobs, our pensions, and our standard of living from Grover Norquist.
Jeeze, people. With so much muck at the White House, could we stick to real things? When we post *anything* off the mark, the Hanitys and Limbaugh pounce. We've got to be more rigorous.

That's *not* Gannon/Guckert.

It's some other bull-headed dude. Look at the hair. Yeah, it's short, but it's the wrong color/texture. Frankly, I think it's a light-skinned Black Person. Won't say African American, not because it's too PC, but because I don't know the Nationality of the gentleman in question.

I actually heard a colleague, a smart guy, refer to a Ethiopian citizen as an "African African-American". The term is now officially reached absurdity.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about - It ain't JG.

I'd bet dollars to donuts that it was some Baptist preacher at a National Prayer Breakfast.

Off to research. Will post results.

Not JG.

He's an "unidentified Guest" at the White House for Black History Month.

Here a link:
Does it make any difference if it is a Baptist preacher or a high-priced toad?

This embrace is symbolic of betrayal and the reason matrons pray the rosary at any hour of the day in Catholic churches. Immigrant households had framed pictures of the Sacred Heart bleeding from thorns. Betrayal meant ruin both emotionally and physucally. Did immigrant families weep at leaving there impoverished homes and countries??

W has no idea of the significance of the stations of the cross. May we never deny or betray our neighbor or suffer the pain of betrayal. We pray that we never witness betrayal or the consequnces of betrayal.

It looks to me like w has embraced the father of lies, whose depth of cleverness and quile is unfathomable. We do not want ot witness this or the consequences.

On the other hand, how many people has w betrayed?? What is the depth of pain he has caused by his arrogance. Christ have mercy.
I'd say ABSOLUTELY, And the photo does not show that Bush's left hand is actually grabbing Gannon's butt.
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