Friday, March 04, 2005


To Compare Bush To Nixon Is An Insult To Nixon

Fantastic article by Hunter S. Thompson, referenced on Friday's show. Just click here. Thanks to our friends at for posting this.
Exceptional insight by Hunter, I can appreciate the feeling. W is not just messing with Texas anymore. Why is he spending this generation's wealth on slush funds for murder and destruction? Where was w during Keynsian economic theory discussion? Republicans are in a frenzy of one-upmanship to cut taxes. The old guard politicians had the courage to enact equitable taxes with income redistribution pulling the young up in an expanding economy. Today, student loans and VISA debts are of mortgage proportions. How is w helping with affordable housing? Why the unnecessary pain?
Did Thompson kill himself or was he disposed of because he was getting too close to the truth of 9/11? He had been doing drugs and drink for his entire adult life, so that wouldn't have made him despondent. His wife was talking to him that night and heard a thud. His body was supposedly found in 2 different locations.
And the shooting of the Italian journalist, killing the agent instead? That was an accident too?
There are too many 'accidents' happening to suit me. This sociopath in the White House will do anything for power.
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