Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Scandal In The Washington Post

Stephanie's hug with Sean Hannity made the Washington Post!

"The Reliable Source
By Richard Leiby
Wednesday, March 16, 2005; Page C03
The Washington Post

The Clinch That Had Jaws Dropping

Could it be? Sean Hannity, the devoutly conservative TV and radio host, seen hugging a liberal? Yes, that was him in a fond embrace with Democracy Radio host Stephanie Miller during a radio yakkers confab at a Santa Monica, Calif., hotel last week.

"There was no sex involved," the Los Angeles-based Miller, heard on AM 1260 locally, assured her listeners yesterday after a blogger reported on the hotel-lobby encounter. "It was just a hug."

She also pointed out: "He is a big hunk of stud meat -- even if he is Satan."

Hannity, heard on ABC Radio (AM 630 locally) and seen on Fox News Channel, told us: "I guess it's big news when a liberal runs up and hugs me in a public hotel lobby during a break from my radio show. What was I to do -- run?"

But Miller insisted to us: "I did not initiate this. He ran up to me. Those right-wingers, there they go again!"

Truth be told, the single Miller (who got her start in comedy) and the married Hannity are just pals. Though she confessed: "I have a huge unrequited crush on Sean Hannity."

Doesn't everyone?"

To see the entire story in its original format, CLICK HERE
Unfortunately Stephanie, this is not a scene from "Three coins in the Fountain". More likely and in keeping with the locale, it's a scene from 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World' with Stephanie as the "cool kitty' passenger in a Dodge Dart with Jim 'Max Baer' Lavoy chasing after his moma. As Jim finds a reporter, Stephanie entices the tow truck driver, aka Jonathan 'Sean Hannity' Winter, into a compromising position. Poor Sean may be getting the frying pan treatment, so he may not be calling until his moma cools down at home.
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We 'tuned-out' sailors don't know Sean Hannity from Sean John designer wear, but we're grateful for the drama on the radio and blog. It's hard to believe that a prosperous country would tolerate 'tricnology' by the wealthy. Hats off to the creativity of the liberal arts gratuates, that replaced the wooden shoe, boycott or startling revelation as a tool for change.
How COULD you? What a slimy piece of rotting flesh that Hannity is! You should be ashamed of yourself.

Please, please, please, find a progressive to hug.
Hi, Stephanie, Great show but wish you'd update your blog more often. Incidentally, all was not peaceful sunday in Boston. So here are a few pics of the police state known as Boston: totally unprovoked.
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