Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Hannity Getting Squashed

Would you like to see the promos of Sean Hannity getting squashed or Ann Coulter being put in a microwave mentioned in today's first hour? The fine folks at Dems TV put them together, and you can see them and their weekly talk show at
Sounds great to me .... can we do something to Limbaugh and Savage too!

It's great that we finally have liberal talk radio and now dem-tv, but until we learn how to talk the issues in a way that will change the hearts and minds of the not-so-rightwing Bush voters, we won't get anywhere.

Read George Lakoff's book "Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate!" When we use right-wing terminology - even to negate it, we only reinforce their ideas.

Thanks for providing a one stop self-instructional survey of poly-sci, shakesperean drama and modern computer blogging..

Hallejuha!!! I can feel the love pouring from the contestants for
w, cheney and his collection of bobble-head fumblers.

Bush is a shameless fraud, who should be embarrassed. But the self-indulgent rich boy expects other people to pay his freight. He fits the stereo type of the rich frat boy who does what he pleases and thinks it is his right. Although I have never known any man who would have ever admitted to being a cheerleader.

Keep up the good work. It is amazing how low, the self-proclaimed chrisitians will stoop. Do these folks have a sense of decency???????
Getting back to the REAL issues: here's one....the need to bring our children home from Iraq. No more need to keep a vegetative person 'alive': we have 1520 and increasing numbers of dead G.I.s who were living, thinking people until Bush obliterated them by putting them in harm's way for oil. will give you a picture of what's happening to our combat troops and their families.
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