Tuesday, February 08, 2005


New Ann Coulter Website

We knew something was a little off with Ann. Check out her past here!

Pudenda Shenanigans? That's almost as funny as...dum dum dum...Jeff Gannon!
Humor eases the pain. I love this paraphrase of Sleazy's lies about 9/11: (Written after Condoleeza Rice opened up her testimony to the 9-11 commission by making an analogy to the Lusitania. I don't know why, perhaps because she could.)

1916 Campaign Flashback
Washington, April 9, 1916 - National Insecurity Advisor Cottmeelyin Twyce testified today before the commission investigating last year's sinking of the ocean liner Lusitania. Some excerpts follow:

"There was no way we could have seen it coming, despite that big memo the month before. I think it was titled 'German U-Boats to Sink Ships Travelling to England.' That was merely historical information based on old reporting. No one could have seen that coming."

"Fighting German U-Boats has always been the top priority of President Wilson's administration. Out of 100 security briefings since he came into office, two have been about German U-Boats, wow! President Wilson was tired of swatting flies, he was waiting for the right time to do more. Really, he was just about to do something big, but I can't say what, that's classified."

"The Taft administration didn't leave us with a plan, merely a series of actionable items in a document."

"In a world at war, with Germany threatening ships on the high seas all the time, how could we be expected to foresee an attack on ships on the high seas by Germany. There was no silver bullet that could have prevented this tragedy."

After the hearing, Whitewash spokesman Cott Mistellin commenged about reports the US is bogged down in Mexico when it should be preparing for war in Europe. "No one could have foreseen Pancho Villa's raid, or guarded against it. Our army is not bogged down in Mexico, we're bringing democracy and all the Mexicans love us, really. It's actually part of the war against German U-Boats, the ties are all there. We're confident U-Boats will be found in Mexico eventually. President Wilson's Bold move against Pancho Villa is not about US interests in Mexico, it's about the war on U-Boats. If we even make a plan to eventually leave Mexico the U-Boats will have won. We will not back down in the face of the U-Boat threat. Only Wilson can protect you from U-Boats, just like he did last year. Fighting U-Boats was his top priority since coming to office, although the evidence of that is classified."
Thanks, so nice to have my work appreciated!
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