Friday, February 18, 2005


Iron Hymen

These "abstinence" websites are friggin' hilarious! Go to Iron Hymen and White
Comments: ??!! Hilarious! I'm surprised that's not an actual Christian site by now, what with the way the rhetoric is getting so ridiculous today.

I mean, who'd have ever thought people would be attacking cartoon characters for "homo-erotic propaganda" issues? Sheesh!! Some people just won't be happy until everyone has bowed down to the Church, and they'll stop at nothing to convince us they are right and we are EVIL if we don't believe them. That's what's so scary about the "Moral Minority".

Thank "God" for hilarious sites like and ....they will keep us sane and smiling through these dark days of a Christian "Apocalypse Manifest".
I love My favorite part is that you can almost.. just barely.... ohhh I can almost feel it.... sometimes slip in a quote or two from there before someone realizes it's a parody.
While unobserved officially, how widely
is the phenomenon going on of the
strategy of getting tested together
before having sex? It has been remarked
unofficially that it happens. What have
you seen or heard, have people got
tested together before having sex?...

Here is a
thought experiment....

The strategy is getting tested together
before having sex for
a. human immunodeficiency virus
b. pharyngeal throat, urethral, anal
sexually transmitted infections
c. tuberculosis, hepatitis B,
hepatitis A, hepatitis C
d. getting vaccinated together for
hepatitis B, hepatitis A

Here are some reactions and challenges
formatted in a collaborative blog...
Scroll down for the entries toward the
bottom where the strategy is laid out.
More recent deliberations are at the
The strategy.
Get tested together before you have sex

A while back some Dartmouth student
health clinicians unofficially remarked
they see same sex couples and
heterosexual couples who say they have
not had sex yet and want to know what
could happen before it could be too late
to do anything about it. Back in the
days of syndicated columnist Ann
Landers, her readers were advised to get
tested together before having sex.

Some people will remark they have done
the strategy. Some people will remark
they know people who have done the
strategy. Asking further, it can turn
out that they did not do the strategy of
getting tested together before having
sex. That it was something else they
I'm all for it, Sak... it's the best idea I've heard all day.

If you're going to do something as meaningful as having sex with someone, why not stop for a second and go get tested together first. It's that easy! Now putting it into practice, hmmm, that might be a little difficult for some. You'd probably have to make alcohol illegal for that plan to work on a large scale, don't ya think?
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