Friday, February 18, 2005


Excellent Bill Maher Op-Ed Piece In LA Times

Bill Maher had an excellent op-ed piece in this morning's LA Times about how kids feel about journalism. Read it by clicking here - although you need to register to see it.
I agree,our society has become so influenced by the politicization of the 9-11 attacks. The one uping of the media by slick political salesmen has got to stop. It is our inherant right as Americans to tell everyone within talking distance how and what we feel.

What is incredible is that noone has been talking about these signs for some time. We all saw how the press releases were packaged as news stories for the medicare overhaul, why are we suprised when fake reporters show up or paid sponsors editorialize a policy.

What we are lacking is a plan to deal with this situation. The Left seems to wait until things happen and are still listening to consultants when they should be kicked in the ass and told to use some common sense and develope a plan. I mean how hard is it to think about what is coming next and prepare accordingly? The blueprint was posted on the PNAC site years ago. I am astonished people are still being suprised by these antics.

When a candidate adhering to FACTS can be owned by a media machine it just goes to show you how much the Democratic leadership has failed us.

Time to wake up people the only thing left is to make our voices heard, our leaders care nothing about the average man on the street and he realizes that and succumbs to the fantasy world of TV and special effects
People cannot be free and ignorant, as Thomas Jefferson reminded us. My cousin teaches Civics in Trussville, Al and tell me they give 30 minutes to the Bill of Rights, 'because we have so much else in the curriculum to get to'. As the people who control our schools become more and more ignorant, and afraid of controversy, so will the textbooks. We had to write 5 minute essays on EACH of the 10 Articles of the Bill of Rights. The best were read to the class AND DISCUSSED.
The people will be the peasants of Medieval times, losing their lives in battles that only befitted the kings, if we continue on this downward slope. Our ignorance accelerates the no one is held accountable even when the corruption is pointed out.
Patriotism starts at home and it isn't accepting what you're told.
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