Sunday, February 13, 2005


Chatting With Jesus

Listener Mark let us know about a new website called Chatting With Jesus, that lets us know what Jesus thinks of George W. Bush. Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below!
I teach compassion, not "compassionate conservatism."...Your president lives a life that violates everything that god asks of us.Exactly! See, even Jesus realizes that compassionate conservatism is nothing more than a manipulative oxymoron that perhaps sounds plausible to some merely because it's an alliteration.
Amen! Good to see that someone else actually sees this. I was beginning to worry.
Anyone who enjoys this site should go to or buy Jim Wallis' book called "God's Politics". There are millions of non-conservative Christians out there. We are just quiet, polite people working at homeless shelters or other NFP agencies so we aren't in the news so much. Make a point to find more people like you and start a revolution in this country. Tell people everywhere that Jesus is not a Republican!
Jesus was speakin the truth right here! Hi-5 to m'Man!!

Can't wait to start emailin him, can you?
This is about Belling in Wisconsin, but note what it says about 'Clear Channel'. I wish there was some way you could let us know the truth about how you are able to broadcast over Clear Channel:
In addition to Belling being a favorite son of the neo-conservatives and the Republican Party, it must be pointed out that Clear Channel is also closely tied into the Republican Party, and especially closely linked to the leader of the neo-conservative movement, President George W. Bush.

Belling’s voice on WISN is the voice of the Republican Party and the neo-conservative movement in Wisconsin. Lowry Mays, Clear Channel Radio’s chairman of the board, is a one-time business associate of George Bush Sr. and a strong Republican.

Because Belling has become a fixture in the radical conservative right’s political field, could the reason for his continued presence on the radio be tied to the politics of Clear Channel radio and the Republican Party’s political agenda in Wisconsin?

Many key leaders of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin (HCCW) are closely tied to the Republican Party. In addition, Clear Channel is a corporate partner with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. So when local Clear Channel representatives decided to work exclusively with the HCCW, to find some sort of “healing process” to end the Belling affair, was it more for political reasons?

The wound caused by Belling to the Mexican community is no different to the wounds caused by recent radio and television personalities fired for saying similar racist things. But rather than fire Belling, an effort to protect the radical neo-conservative was initiated by seeking out the only identifiable Republican Party friendly group—the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin.

It appears that the action of the local Clear Channel representatives, working in partnership with the leadership of the HCCW, was designed to block the Latino political backlash from growing. This backlash would have jeopardized the right wing’s political efforts to entrench their political agenda within the Latino community had the effort to oust Belling continued to grow.

The links between this corporation and the Republican Party are strong. Both are trying desperately to win over Hispanics in the market and in the political arena. Belling’s racist comment and subsequent actions of disrespect placed their political agenda in jeopardy. Could the meddling of the HCCW be simply a matter of protecting the political and economic agenda of the Republican Party and this corporation? Did politics and narrow economic motives drive the so-called “healing process” at the expense of the Latino community?

Does Clear Channel’s leaders believe that the Hispanic market will still welcome them because of their ties to Hispanic organizations like the HCCW?

The links are tale telling.

February 15, 2005

Robert Miranda is a writer, editor and activist in Milwaukee and a contributing editor.
The bible contains the very first social security plan also, leave the edges of the field for the poor the widow and the traveller.

What feild haven't we cleared completely in the march for capitalism. The GOP routinely espouses the benefits of the market and yet it is only a glorification of the almighty dollar.

Be careful of the idols you choose.
We must continue to point out to both Congress and the propaganda media the complete contradiction of Jesus' teachings in Bush's policies. "Feeding the poor' is only one part of that, as my school buddy in Huntsville, Al. reminded me. He's in charge of HUD there, and the Bush thugs are cutting all funds to aid housing for the even marginally poor.
I wonder if Jesus knows anything about Theocratic Dominionism....

Ya'll heard of it?
I was born and raised a Lutheran here in this small liberal town of Madison. I grew up in a loving church atmosphere for the better part of my youth. i was singing Hymns before i was speaking in complete sentences. The better part of my adult life has been spent wondering if i completely missed the point of Jesus' teachings. The split of this last election has only reinforced my feelings of doubt regarding modern day America's perspective of the bible and it teachings. What ever happened to the very simple and clear doctrine of "JUDGE NOT..." I have met many "Born Again Christians" and most of them (in my opinion) have contextually mis-quoted, mis-represented, and entirely mis-understood the point clearly identified in this original post. "Treat others as you would have them treat you." This, of course, is above and beyond the very "IN YOUR FACE" notion that interperitation of the bible has left us with many different Secs of Christianity who all happen to claim "We've got it right " and "the others are all being missguided by Satan".
...Deep down God left us all with a knowlegde of whats right and wrong.
I’m disappointed I thought the second coming would be more pronounced, bigger and jubilant but here JC has a column on the ‘internets’! Then again it could be Rove and his DMP (Disenchantment Misinformation Propaganda) office at work!
Chatting With Jesus is a bad, unfunny joke. Jesus would never talk that way, wouldn't be that arrogant, defensive or self-serving. "So you say" is a snarky retort that is not worthy of people, much less the Son of God.
Jesus teachings undoubtedly transcend the issues of the day. Those who speculate about what Jesus would say about G. W. already assume that Jesus is something other than divine. I believe that Jesus knows the heart of G. W. far better than anyone else does and can't be judged by his actions alone. In my opinion Jesus is a loving father first and a Judge second.
Those critical of the "Chat with Jesus" need only actually READ the biblical accounts of Jesus' teachings to see how anti-Christian Bush and his policies actually are. Think about it. In what ways has "born again" Bush conformed to the teachings of Christianity or any other religion for that matter? Let's list a few of them...1) tax-cuts for the rich at the expense of health-care for the poor and the soldiers injured in his war; 2) bankruptcy restrictions that further impoverish the impoverished while allowing the wealthy to shelter their assets; 3) destroying the ANWR to enrich the oil industry; 4) a "Clear Skies Initiative" that actually increases the polution of air, land, and water, again providing benefits to the wealthy; 5) proposals that will gut the Social Security program, providing the rich yet another opportunity to escape paying into a program designed mainly for those not wealthy enough to support their retirement, e.g. the poor. Anything else you can think of that conforms to Christ's teachings?
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