Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Thanks for Visiting The Steph Show Blog!

Coming soon, we will post pictures, links, and news about the show. Bookmark this link and check back often!

Love the show! Anyone know if there is any chance of Stephanie joining XM radio.
Hi Steph,

I haven't heard your show, but have heard your name circulating through the blogosphere. Thanks for doing what you do!
Been a fan since KFI!! She's still got that quick wit!

But I wish she wasn't on so damn early. Does anyone know any station that streams her show at a later time?
Hi Stephanie Miller,
It's Stephen Miller from the west coast, I just found your site and pictures, WOW! I'm in love but the name thing would be to confusing.
I really enjoy your show! Listen to it on Sirius radio in Mendocino California, keep up the great job and thanks for the laughs. Steve
Stephanie, Stephaine, Stephanie-- I looked at the newly-posted links on your revamped site, and I have to admit that I felt a little chagrined.

Now, you mention DailyKos on a pretty regular basis. Doesn't that nice man (and veteran) deserve a link? And what about some of those struggling bloggers out there who could use a little more web traffic? I'm thinking of people like my namesake, Matt Sandwich, over at I may live in Hoboken, but he's doing a fine job of keeping the spirit alive in Boston. And I hear he's really good-looking and single--not unlike myself, although I live in Hoboken, and not Boston, and therefore can't be found at

And finally, I'd like to suggest that those pants of yours featured on the links page are something less than *ahem* fabulous. You might want to go with something a little more... timeless. The world-wide web can be a cruel mistress, after all.

Best wishes,

Matthias Sandwich (of the Hoboken Sandwiches)
Very solid work, Steph and Jim. I'd like to think that, ten years from now, we will look back on these days and realize that a revolution was quietly afoot. Best features: Right-Wing TV watch, Jim's uncanny impression of our fearless leader (no one else in broadcasting comes close, IMHO). Bravo, guys.
Dear Bush voting Christians ... If you love the earth and all that God has created ... God bless you ... If you think wacko when you hear the word environmentalist ... God help us ... If you treasure the freedom of speech and all that it means ... God bless you ... If you call protesters un-American because they want things to be better ... God help us ... If our Governments ways of checks and balance is important to you ... God bless you ... If you think Barbera Boxer (A United States Senator) was being racist because she questioned QUOTES from Miss Rice that trouble Millions ALL over the world ... God help us ... If you love your country and our President ... God bless you ... If you do not see that we were manipulated into this war ... God help us ... If you have a strong faith and diehard beliefs ... God bless you ... If you think that it is our Governments job to make laws concerning who people can love ... God help us ... If the right to vote is a sacred thing to you ... God bless you ... If you think that the THOUSANDS of complaints of election fraud is just sour grapes ... God help us ... If you research an issue and dig for the facts ... God bless you ... If you have been convinced that all media but FOX news and Rush Limbaugh are unpatriotic ... God help us ... If you support our troops and pray for them daily ... God Bless you ... If you were convinced Michael Moore loves this country and our troops any less than you ... God help us ... If you Minister and spread the word of the Lord ... God bless you ... If you do not see the grave danger of a President being seen as proselytizing the WORLD in the name of a super power ... Then God help us all.
Sign the "Count Every Vote Act of 2005" here
As a fellow Christian who believes in Jesus and holds his teaching as sacred, I would like to formally state that posting Chatting With Jesus was done in very bad taste. It is one thing to compare the teaching of the bible to what is going on in the world, and something very differnt to use the name of Jesus Christ to vulgarly bash someone just because you don't agree. What ever happened to "Thou shalt not take the lord's name in vain"? Haven't we learned from the arrogant and narrow minded Pharasis who persecuted Jesus in the Name of God?

You, Stephanie, may not agree with the president, and I may not agree with everything he does, but I will not...I repeat..will not lower myself to that level of shallowness for my own personal gain.

While I'm on the topic of arrogance, I would like to make another point.

Stop complaining that Kerry didn't win. Kerry turned yellow, (basically) abandoned his party, and wasted all the money and time the voters (and the party) spent faithfully promoting him (in hope of victory) by throwing the election . Plain and simple. Yet in Ohio (my home state), the democrats insisted on wasting the tax payers' money in wages and over time for recounts in an election (in which members of your own party also tried to rigg) Kerry gave up. All in the name of fairness.

With that said, Declaration of Revocation has to be the 2nd most degrading and petty display of chilish arrogance you have on this board. I respect your right to free speech, but I don't respect your attempt to attack and belittle an entire nation. As a responsible citizen, this shows no character, and (as a spokesperson of your party) degrades your party's allready tarnished name.

If you think I'm some angry conservative, then consider yourself wrong. I'm definetly not a republican, but when so many like-minded people like you who speak for your liberal-based democrat party, I'm glad I didn't vote for Kerry.
The dairyman from Ohio may be an early riser, but that will not make him healthy, wealthy or wise. At least he has an excuse for his opinion, he listens to Elsie chewing cud while milking in the barn morning and evening.

John Kerry is an honorable man of experience, dignity and honesty. I think he was stunned by the barn yard antics and noises of w, cheney et al.

I observed the recount in Fayette County for the Green Party, the state Dems were not party to the recount and the Libertarians never showed.

The local Republican and Democratic party both sent an observer, the clerks were divided evenly based on affiliation and acted right neighborly. The recount consisted of 4 clerks handcounting punchcards in 3 precints and then running all punch cards from all precincts through a card reader.

The recount started at 4 pm and concluded at about 8 pm. Rural Ohio always votes republican, but Kerry won 3 precints in Washington Courthouse anyway.

A cost to taxpayers?

Stephanie, Columbus listens, we love the reality-based humor.
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